Chinese philosopher Shao Yong once said: “The soul of the sky comes from the sun and the soul of the human being comes from the heart, as the sun is the big universe while the heart is the small universe “.
The Great Sufi Jalal Aldin Rumi said. “Happy is that soul who has found the beauty of the sun and exceeded the nine planets and settled in silent at no place”.

Thus, the sun was and still is a symbol for the truth and the light that shows the beauty of this universe in its final lovely form. The Sun lights the path for us to see clearly through the dark and guides us towards the good deeds.
The heart too is our inner sun that enflame with heat of love and around it centered our everyday dreams.

I came from Libya, the country of The phoenix the bird that symbolizes immortality, resurrection and life after death. And associated with the sun god. Our ancients people worship the sun as the main source for the life and painted it in their caves in the shape of circle with illuminant center.
As Libyan worship the Sun they also worship the Moon, and welcome the new moon every month as a medium that uncovers and reveals the night’s creatures and lights the dark. They even recognize it as source for healing the souls and bodies.
This work “Sun of Love” is inspired by the story of creations as it told by the baluang people of China;
According to the tradition of the Bland-people of southwestern China, the earth was created from chaos by the divine giant (GUMIYA – HO Yee). The ten sun and moon brothers and sisters scorned upon this act and threatened to destroy everything with their blazing light. Upon this, the giant killed them all with the exception of one sun and one moon that had hid in a cave. With the help of the animals Sun and Moon could be won over to protect life on earth.

Mohammad Bin Lamin
Misurata. Libya 2006

Date of origin: August 2006
Place of origin: The 8th Changchun China International Sculpture Symposium
Size of the artwork: 300.0 x 150.0 x 250.0 cm
Category: sculpture
Materials: bronze & marble.

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