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Personal informationProfession:     Artist I search:     Presentation My New original Media I offer:     long-lived Artworks About:     The Inner Vision: Bin Lamin’ s world By: Solara Sabah – Canada (Mohammed Binlamin an artist who is residing in his concealed and private world. Ethan chorin An American writer described him as “unique artist”.Although Binlamin never attained any formal school to learn art nor any Institute of Arts, but he is up to date in his art and very bright about his own culture. Through experimental research spanned for over fifteen years, Binlamin was able to create very important new technique with special appropriate materials for his paints (this technique is still unknown in the world so as Binlamin at the edge of the Sahara in Libya). His works look as if it is a legacy for a great civilization that is vague. Firm structures animals or organisms that look spiritual and shy. He called them “Yellow beings”, which almost you can feel their warm breath, they looked as if they have just emerged from old caves to walk in and surprised by its first step, or sometimes they look as if they run away from scorched land. Binlamin’s characters in this art are creatures that inhabited his world with their own privacy and identity, the light emanates from them, glowing and dancing surrounding with the rhythm of the blue night. In “Opera spoons “ binlamin painted the gaze faces in the spoon using the foam that left over the spoons after stirring the coffee. Binlamin in his works is digging to create a lasting images of inner being and place, in others words his art represent the unspoken language of our eternal dreams. Technique(s):     New Technique Style:     New Media School:     Diploma in Ships maintenance CV:     – Born in Misurata, Libya 1969. – Has Diploma in Ships maintenance. – Artist, Painter, Sculptor and Poet. – Participated in many exhibitions in Libya and outside Libya. – President of the Association of MISURATA Artists. – Member of (ISA) INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ARTISTS – Sweden – Member of MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION (MPA) UK 2002 . – Member of Artists for peace organization. http://www.artistsnpeace.org – Judge member for kid competition in paintings and drawings. Misurata – Computer Graphics designer. – Producer for many Digital Graphics arts. – Worked as designer with local publishing company, designed many books covers and logos. – 2002 Worked as Arabic Media designer with (DMC) Digital Media Center. Leeds, UK. ———————– Exhibitions: -2007 (Hoon’s autumn festival) 2007. Hoon. -2007 (The silphium Fair) Benghazi – Libya. -2006 The 8th Changchun China International Sculpture Symposium – with sculpture titled: (Sun of Love). Marble and Bronze. -2006 (BOOK-ART Project) Associazione di Promozione Sociale Artetica) Roma – Italia. -2006 (EL Najem Fair) Tripoli. -2005 (The Open Festival of Fine Art) . Misurata. -2005 (INTERNATIONAL BOOKS FAIR) Tripoli. -2004 (Hannibal Festival) Tripoli . -2004 (PARALLEL STATES). Cairo Atelier. Egypt 11.07.2004. -2003 (festival of Libyan Girl Association) Misurata. -2003 (Mafazat Al Abereen) (sculptures exhibition) . -2001 Edinburgh, The annual side walk gallery. -2000 Electronic Recollections : ( Experiences in Color’s Electronics & Printer’s Sincerity) Misurata. -2000 Gallery Exhibitions with Adnan Maetiq at Alfateeh Tower, Tripoli, Libya . -2000 Participation in International Symposium of Sculpture – Aley 2000 Lebanon, with sculpture titled: (Signal way to Heaven). Marble and Stainless Steel. -1998 Group Gallery with The artists: Musbah Alkabeer & Adnan Maetiq at (Gallery De Villa) Tripoli, Libya. ———————– Series: – Yellow Beings (Paintings) 2004 Mixed Media. – Volcano Cards (Paintings) 2004 Mixed Media. – Opera of Spoons 2005 Photographs. – Clown Kingdom 2005 Digital Art. – Remainders of Visionary Beings (Paintings) 2007-08 New Media. – Beings Who is Enclose the White Full Moon 2008 (Paintings) New Media. – My Special Mythical Beings [1] 2008 (Paintings) New Media. – Scarecrows of Nocturnal Fields 2008 (Paintings) New Media. – botanical mummy 2008 Photographs. ———————– Accomplishments: 1. Mohmmad Bin lamin discovered a new and unknown technical task which is regarded as substantial addition in the world of techniques and media. ———————- 2. Mohmmad Bin lamin invented new Media with new technique on the painting based on especial materials using photographic burned – paper. It is inexpensive method and has important results and quick implementation, durable and can be washed with water. ———————– Interviews: [newspaper – broadcast – television] TV: – Nile Culture TV Channel: Program ( Kamar Anneel- Moon of Nile ) 2003 Cairo – Egypt. – ESC 1 Egyptian Sat Channel: Program (AL-Marsam – The Studio) 2004 Cairo – Egypt. – TV Sat Libya: Program ( Marafee ) 2005 Misurata – Libya. – TV Sat Libya : Program ( Anamel Mubdeaa – Creative Fingers ) 2006 Misurata – Libya. – Changchun National TV Channel – : Program ( News ) 2006 Changchun – China . – Changchun National TV Channel – : Program ( CULTURE EXPRESS ) 2006 Changchun – China . – TV Sat Libya : Program ( Rawak AL-Fonon -PORCH of ARTS ) 2007 Misurata – Libya. – Tve Television Espanola S. A. : Program ( EN PORTADA ) With: Pilar Requena del Rio (Reporter) 2008 Misurata – Libya. – Allibyea Channel: Program ( Libya Hada AL-Yauom -Libya Today ) 2008 Misurata – Libya. ———————– Broadcast: – Misurata local Radio. – Program Imtidad Broadcast 2007 London UK. Newspaper: – ( Arabic Newspapers – Libyan Newspapers – Chinese Newspapers – Websites )

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